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It all started from…..

March; The Month of Women.

2 days before Women’s day, March 6, greeted me with message from Shristi, our FSA, suggesting to do an event related to women on Women’s Day on March 8. Since it was only 2 days away, I dismissed the idea at first and told her she should have mentioned about it some weeks back then we could have done a proper preparation. But, she was not discouraged, she informed me that whole March is month of women so we can do one any day on March. Well, good point there! So we started to work on it.

We started to work on different plans. Kept meeting with different experienced event organizers/planners to discuss about effective way to conduct an event that is focused only to the girls. Initially only Shristi and I were working because other community members were quite busy at that time due to their exams and other stuffs, but they started to help us after they were free.

The first problem was finding the attendees. In our country finding a female participant in most of technical events is really difficult. So we were afraid if we will have any attendees or not. Anyways, with mixed feelings and doubts we opened an online registration form which got 10 registrations on the first day. WOW!! So much for our stupid thinking!! We were more excited and started to work even harder designing different event schedules and frameworks. Discussing on sessions and speakers and all those event management stuffs.

The second problem was time. We had planned for a whole day event. But if not planned perfectly, then whole day events turn out to be really boring and a failure. The only way to make an event fun is making it more interactive in whatever proper/related way we can. We started to think about introducing games that can actually give information about various Mozilla related stuffs and so on. We did not want to make the attendees feel bored by one sided talks and sessions. But still, we realized that the introductin sessions for first couple of hours could not be skipped no matter what. So, we thought about making them interactive too if possible.

Another good news hit us a week before the event. There will be participants from outside Kathmandu!!
3 females from Hetauda and 1 male from Birgunj. Good news!! But at the same time, we now had to work even more harder so that these participants who will be travelling from far away cities just to attend the event will not feel disappointed with the event. We started co-ordinating with the attendee from Birgunj, Aman Routh, about what may his expectations be and how he would like the event to be.

We were constantly in touch with members from global WoMoz as well as Mozilla team, asking for their suggestions to carry out the event. All of them were supportive for the event and provided us with really interesting and valuable suggestions.

Our registration form was open for a week. On the closing day, there were registrations of around 60 different people including 5 male participants.Even more exciting. But will we be able to have them all in the event? Sure we can. But still, other members suggested to have only females during the event, so we had to ignore the male registrations (extremely sorry for that).
We got moral support from various other Open communities in Nepal for the event. Communities like FOSS Nepal, KUOSC, RAN, OKFN, NOSK and many more helped spread the word about the event. Not to forget all those Firefox Clubs from various colleges who informed the students of their college about the event.
In the meantime, we also got a chance to speak about the event in a program called “Cybertime” which airs on Kantipur FM on Saturdays.

All in all, the pre Event preparations went really good with some fun and some tensed situations. Thanks to everyone who helped us for the preparation of the event.
Another post will be about the Event itself. Stay tuned!!

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