Namaste WoMoz – An event



March 30, Sunday.
The day we had been waiting for.
All the members from organizing team as well as the invited participants were looking forward for the day, not to mention the staffs from the venue (DECC).

The registration started from 8:30. Most of the participants arrived on time. After the registration and breakfast the event started with determined and curious face of the participants.
Shristi started the event with a warm welcome and brief outline of the event till lunch time.

For most of the participants it was their first Mozilla event, so it was necessary to give them an introduction to Mozilla and Mozilla Nepal. One of the oldest community member, Bansaj, stepped forward with his presentation and explained about Mozilla and its mission to the attendees. He also talked about the Mozilla community in Nepal and what it has been doing for past years.

Next was a short talk from Prakash Neupane, who has been working with different open communities in Nepal, mostly related to technology. He shared his experience about the status of females in ICT sector in Nepal. His talk was not only focused on IT sector, but all different areas in the country where male dominance can be seen clearly. His talk pointed out the bitter truth about how females are doing in Nepal. Later his talk started to focus on IT sector which had even less female participants than other sectors. He talked about different IT communities here where females aren’t seen often and how the communities feel about it.

After that Akriti continued with introduction to WoMoz. She informed the participants about how Mozilla has always tried to be a female friendly community. Surit’s presentation was on the different contribution areas where one could contribute to Mozilla. It was a pretty detailed one so we could see some of the participants getting confused because of too much details.

After these long talk sessions, the “Let Us Solve A Crossword” session was really refreshing and everyone was determined to complete the crossword. The crossword contained simple terms related to ICT, mostly Mozilla. Except for a couple, answer for each of the clues had already been covered in the previous talk sessions. So it was also a session to refresh the memory of the participants. Only a few were difficult, most of the participants had difficulty in solving those few. Well, without some difficulties it is not interesting, is it? The winners were given choice to choose among a few gifts that included a firefox flicks bag, firefox pen, couple of rare sticker, firefox badges. It was quite surprising to see that almost all of them chose the stickers.

Next, some of our current WoMozs shared their experience about their involvement with Mozilla. They started with their entry to Mozilla, various experience they have had, various new skills they learnt and many more. All the participants were interested in hearing their story. The community assured that all the new ones will also be treated in the same way. They will be supported in all the tasks they perform, help them in their difficulties and most of all they will be given a really friendly environment to work with.

After the lunc time, everyone sat for discussions. Grops were made according to the contribution area they were interested in and each group contained one or two people already working in that area. They informed the new members about what that area is. They started with how to get started and ended with different ideas and questions from the group members. It was a really fruitful session for the new participants as they got chance for almost one-to-one interaction to know more about the contribution area they were interested in. A demo on webmaker by Aman followed the session. All the participants were shown of three tools of webmaker, thinble, popcorn and x-ray goggles. Aman explained how these tools can help a beginner to learn about web by themselves or how someone already experienced can teach the new beginners to start making the web. It lasted for around 2 hours.

the “Treasure Hunt” session which followed the group discussion was another really interesting and fun session. Manish (MJT) with some other people had worked on creating a webapp which was hosted locally in one of the machines. All participants were asked to navigate to that machine in their browser where they were asked different questions in quite cryptic/riddle way. They had to solve the clues and enter the answers in the input box. To add more fun, MJT also had made a page where progress of all the participants with the treasure hunting was shown. As in the crosswords, the clues here were also related to Mozilla so that the participants could get many ideas of Mozilla with enjoyment instead of listening to presentations.

Finally, the event came to an end. We sat down for a tea/coffee session and discussed about how the event went, if the expectations of the participants was fulfilled and so on.

Overall, the event went really well. We were able to see some activities from the participants after the event in fields like localization, artwork, blogging etc.
Let us hope we could get more female contributors in Mozilla from Nepal in future.

Let’s make ICT a friendly place for women.

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