A Journey of Two Years, and Still Continuing.



Rewinding two years back Aug 26, 2012:
The first ever meeting for Mozilla was called out in Nepal. A new community was born on that day. A community devoted in Open Source & Open Web. A community whose sole purpose was to support, help and promote Mozilla and its missions in and from Nepal. The date “August 26” has been marked in calendar of Open Source & Tech Communities in Nepal as the Birthday of Mozilla Nepal Community.

To Present Aug 26, 2014:
A lot has happened in these two years. The community has grown a lot since then with many members dedicated towards the mission. Writing all that will need yet another couple of posts.

The planning of an event to mark the day started a couple of months back (mid-June). The first plan was to have a community meetup, but it didn’t work out well because the day was Tuesday, a working day, exams of lots of active members, less time for preparation etc. So, it was postponed for a later date. There were discussions on how to mark the day. Nothing productive and only celebration didn’t seem worth. So, a plan was drafted out to do an event where all the attendees would work together to achieve some goals.

Now the problem was to choose the area for the event. Focusing on a single area did not sound good as it would leave out other good contributors who work in other areas but not in the particular one. So, list of all the active areas in Nepal were made, and that list was again sorted out to find the most effective ones. Such areas were required which would make an effect not only during the event, but after event, inside Nepal and in the global Mozilla Community too. So, three areas were chosen based on their weightage/effectiveness.

1. Webmaker: Webmaker is one of the most focused project in Mozilla. Also, this was the season of Makerparties in the global Mozilla Community. So, webmaker should be an area of interest.

2. Localization: Nepalese contributors have been working on localization field since the start of the community, it’s progressing but not in the pace it needs to. So, including localization as an area would gather all the members who have been working on localization in a single place and all of them could work together to achieve some target and learn from one another.

3. App Development: One complain the Nepalese community members hear a lot is that the community hasn’t been working on development much, and the apps developed in Nepal are really few in numbers. It was not because there aren’t good developers in the community, but as always with the developers, they are mostly busy in their own works so they need to be called upon and given some environment to work on. So, App Development was chosen such that the community will at least have a number of apps to show to the people who ask for the development field.

Thus, preparation was done for these three fields. Goals were set for each areas such that the participants would know in what pace should they work on the day.
30 Webmaker makes, 1000 strings localized and at least 3 web apps were the goals set for the day.
Participants were selected and invited according to their contribution area, and almost all of the participants were the ones who had already been working on the respective fields so that they can work during the event without spending much time learning how to work and reach the assigned goals.

Finally, the day came. Almost all the invited attendees were present. Most of the people knew each other except for some, so no time was wasted with usual introduction of attendees, introduction of the community etc. stuff. The event started around 15-20 minutes late than planned time because of some technical problem. The attendees were already informed about the areas & goals set for the day via the invitation email, so they had come prepared. Everyone seemed excited. Without wasting time, everyone started to work on their areas.

The working hour started from 11:00am to 5:00pm. All the teams were working on their areas equally dedicated. The results of the event by the end of the day were, 8 applications developed, 1088 strings localized and ~10 makes. Seems, the event was productive after all as targeted goals were achieved except for webmaker, but it’s worth mentioning that there were only 3 members in the webmaker team (Expected to be around 10) and ~30 makes was really difficult for them to achieve looking at the final results of their makes. So, it’s a goal achieved too if seen proportionately. Also, github account for Mozilla Nepal was created on the day. Hence, a day well spent!

A celebration was required for such an event. To mark the day as well as to celebrate completion of a successful event. The day ended with a celebration dinner with all the attendees. Thanks to everyone who helped directly, indirectly, attended and made the event a successful one as planned. Let’s all make the upcoming years even more productive and awesome and carry on with wonderful events like this.

Snaps of the event: (flickr link to be added soon) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.518737868271645&type=1

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