Hour of Code & Mozilla Webmaker – Spreading Web Literacy

Raju Dawadi


It was hard time for all due to massive earthquake on 25 April and its aftershocks which not only killed thousands but also made many people homeless. People were busy acting on relief activities and disaster management taking their pain aside while some went to their own home town to be with their family and act from there.

Two Mozillians: Nootan and Kuber turned the hard time to opportunity and conducted Hour of Code (HoC) in their home town Dang and Kailali. The Hour of Code is a great opportunity to help millions of other people step up with web literacy skills. Nootan conducted HoC with the help of 4 more volunteers in Shree Adharsha Higher Secondary School, a government school in Lalmatiya VDC. Its good to know that the school has English medium section and a computer lab with 20 computers but there seems to lack proper management because of which only 5 of them were working. Nootan has shared his exciting experience of fun in teaching-by-playing in his blog. Its really interesting.


Kuber, an active Firefox Student Ambassador in HCOE also couldn’t stay calm after returning back to his home village after the quake. With his three friends: Daman, Srijana and Namrata, Kuber conducted HoC in three schools: Khadga Memorial E.B.S, Sant Nirankari Vidya Mandir and Shree Ganesh Baba E.B. School where he found the students really excited to know about basic computer science. He has also shared his experience of organizing the events in his own words in his blog.


Beside HoC, Mozillians got focused on Bi-weekly meetup and Webmaker events. The MozCafe-type meetup was started to discuss about different areas of contribution and entertain new idea that could be implemented via community. The documentation of each meetup can be accessed from this general format link: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/moznp-bm-(meetup number). In past few weeks, series of Webmaker events were organized including one at Himalaya College of Engineering. Firefox club lead, Shashi Khanal shared about the goal of starting Mozilla Webmaker to help millions of people move from using the web to making the web. Nishan Bajracharya made the participants familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript basics.

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