Firefox for Android Nepali Localization Completed in 12 Hours

Raju Dawadi


Its really exciting to have a group of highly active community members who completed “Firefox for Android Nepali Localization” within 12 hours. Thanks to all of the members who contributed for making one of the project of localization successful and we will be giving attractive Mozilla Nepal T-shirt to top 15 contributors. Here is list of top 10 members who completed localizing Firefox for Android:


As planned, we now move on to localize English strings to Nepal for Desktop and then we will catch other Mozilla Developers Network (MDN).

Before starting the translation of Firefox for Desktop, please read the following instructions carefully:

You do not need to translate the following folders listed in pootle:

  • Developer
  • Tbshared
  • Others
  • security1

The basic flow for the translation is:

  1. Make sure you have a pootle account (You have to give that information to us on Registration)
  2. Register using our Standard Form (will be updated shortly)
  3. Wait for us to add you to our team and give you necessary privileges
  4. Wait for an email about special Guideline
  5. Start Translating

Special style guide

Formality, Tone and Natural Expression

The localization in Nepali language is expected to be formal. The target user of a browser falls under wide range of age groups, but the main reason for it to be formal is the nature of Nepali language. Since it sounds a bit odd to most of the people to read an informal nepali text on a standard software (happened before with Microsoft), it is advised to use formal language whenever possible.

Also, complete sentences are preferred over incomplete english counterparts whenever space is not strictly constrained. For example, when translating About &brandShortName; preference is given to &brandShortName; को बारेमा जान्नुहोस्  over &brandShortName;  बारे . When space is a problem, (maybe in mobile?), find closest-to-complete phrase which is shorter in length. For the above example, it could be &brandShortName; को बारेमा  . Always keep in mind that “easy-for-users-to-understand” is given preference over “because-there-was-no-space” translations.

Cultural References
If the source language has a cultural reference that has no equivalent and widely accepted Nepali phrase, remove the cultural reference and translate the core meaning.

Brand Names
All Brand Names are kept in it’s original language and never translated.

Date and Time Format

Weeks do not need to be fully spelled but require at least 2 or 3 letters but months should be fully spelled. Holiday is observed only on Saturday, so the week starts from Sunday. Regional Calendar is Observed. The calendar in use is “Bikram Sambat”, about 47 years ahead of A.D.

HH:MM <time of day> (12 hour clock) is the preferred Time format.

Further instructions for translation are updated frequently on following links:

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email on the mailing list ( or connect with us on Facebook group.

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