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Raju Dawadi


Inspired from “Build Your Own Firefox” event organized in India few weeks ago, similar event was organized today at Himalaya College of Engineering(HCOE) in Chyasal, Lalitpur today. Active Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) and Mozilla Representative for Nepal, Nootan Ghimire hosted the event with lots more participants than firefox event at himalaya college of engineering1

He started with some bits about Mozilla Community and what it does, and made participants clear that Firefox was a product of Mozilla.

And then, he ran the participants through the steps to acquire Mozilla source code, said something about mercurial, and version controlling. He also mentioned about what nightly was.

After that, he showed demo on building Mozilla Firefox compiling its source code which used mercurial and shared tips on how to edit some basic functionalities in the browser. Also, instructions were given on how to build the open source  browser in linux distributions and Windows OS. The source code of “the most trusted browser on the Web” was distributed to asking participants. Instructions for correctly copying the source as a form of mercurial repo was shared and it can also be downloaded from here.

build firefox event at himalaya college of engineering - nootan writing steps to build

With active participation of students from the college and members of HCOE Developers’ Circle along with other members of Mozilla Nepal, the event was very much interesting. Participants eagerly put their queries related to open source & community and were sorted out during the session.

The future plans now include doing events such as: Bug reporting day, where we learn how to report bugs in bugzilla followed by bugfixing day, where we fix simple bugs.

The photos of the events can be viewed from here.

Facebook event link:

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