[Article + Report] Mozilla Nepal Meetup – III



Written by: Shristi Baral,
Edited by: Avash Mulmi,
Date: November 9, 2013
SAP Falchha, Kathmandu

Today was one of the most awaited day for the Mozilla Nepal Community, The Mozilla Nepal Meetup – III kicked off today at planned time. First two meetups were mainly as introduction about Mozilla and Mozilla Nepal Community to the public. Now this time we are working for this meetup as an excuse to gather more contributors and dedicated volunteers for the community. We will be making a short report on the past activities of our community. And make a solid roadmap of our future plans.

The main reasons the event was organized are:

•   Within the community, need more inter-task force communication just to check where the blockers are and whether this task force is a hindrance with the others. Right now we are lagging in number of core contributors.
•  Assigning a complete and definite leadership to handle the contribution momentum.
•  Turning Mozilla Nepal into one of the most sophisticated local Mozilla Community,   regarding presence, planning, operations, contributions and recruiting contributors.

The program started when the clock struck 1 pm. Shashi Khanal, a FSA from HCOE, briefed the program outline.
After completing the Introduction session, Surit Aryal, ReMo, introduced the community in brief. Shashi gave a short report on the past activities of Mozilla Nepal.

Hempal Shrestha, Vice President of FOSS Nepal, elaborated on the need of Free and Open Source Software in the field of education referencing the theme of SFD 2013 and work that FOSS Nepal is doing to establish open source software for education.
Surit then explained the theme of Mozilla Nepal and started to explain how we can support Mozilla even if we are from a non-technical sector. He introduced everyone with SuMo (Support Mozilla). In this one can teach, support someone how to use any Mozilla project or products.
After that Avash elaborated the areas where one can contribute Mozilla. Sumo, Localization, Testing and QA, Coding, Marketing and Evangelism, Developer Documentation,
Visual Design, User Research
Accessibility, System Administration, Add-Ons, Education, Documentation: MDN:Mozilla Developers Network etc.
He focused on the point that it is not necessary for the contributor be purely technical, moreover there are more contribution fields in non-technical sector than technical. He briefly described about each acontributing areas of Mozilla encouraging everyone to contribute from their own field of interest.

Mozilla Nepal’s Theme for this year: “Open Web for Open Education” was highlighted by Mr. Subir Pradhanang, President of FOSS Nepal Community. With the story of history of open source, he explained how to use web to move-on on open education. He told Firefox is the leading example of free software movement. The necessity of open source in the field of software is, shared codes helps to enhance knowledge. Creativity is increased due to collaboration. Movement from desktop app to web app is a result of openness.

Subir Pradhanang elaborating the theme.

He also told us about the on-going web application (E-paath) for children from class 2-6 which has exercise and games along with educational materials based on the curriculum designed by CDC. Explaining the need of localization he told “60% people in Nepal don’t understand English and remote school teacher also fall in this category. Even if we have best application related to educating school children it’s not being used due to the language problem. Hence, localization is required for implementing the theme.
As an example of webmaker events, he highlighted Web maker party in Philippines by women and a Kitchen party in Birgunj Nepal by NIMOZ, a Firefox Club.

Dahdiram Nepal, a FOSS Nepal member, joined Subir Pradhanang & shared his experience about PAN localization. The main motive is to catch the local field but it is not being too fast because of the lack of the non-technical people in the field. According to him lack of translations is the reason the localization is not being successful.

Nootan Ghimire, another FSA from HCOE, then gave a short session about FSA, focusing on these points: Who they are? What they do? How to be FSA? What to do after being FSA?

He came up with this really catchy phrase “FSA does FSA”, [FSA does Fun Student Activities]. He explained how to engage and involve students for this. FSA can even train student and staffs about web using FSA as a platform which can be beneficial to all the students.
Dadhiran Nepal asked Nootan the negative impact of FSA, how to handle economical barrier that shall come; can open source be money generating for students?
The need of Hire and Fire rule among the FSA was discussed on the floor and concluded with the need of log system to keep track of what all FSA are doing. Avash and Dadhiram promised to help FSA when in need to create mutual relation among FSA, College and Mozilla.

At 3:00 pm 9th birthday of Firefox was celebrated and 6 T-shirts were distributed among the attendees via lucky draw method.
The cake was really big and we thought it will be too much for the participants on the hall, but to our delight and amazement, it ended quickly without a single trace.

After the birthday celebration, we had a special session in which all the participants were divided into six different groups and were given time to count strength, weakness and opportunities. The outputs from SWOT analysis can be found here:

[[ Link to be added ]]

Now it was time for one of the most important session, Session on “Women Empowerment in IT fields & WoMoz”, which was a great talk given by Shristi Baral, FSA from ASCOL. She gave short but really powerful speech on the lacking + necessity of female participations in IT field. She also gave short description and explanation on WoMoz. She hilighted the fact that the society itself is responsible for making females less inclined towards technical field because we always keep on thinking that technical field is mostly for males and medical + non-technical field is for females, which of course seems to be our mistake. It really was inspirational.
Kudos to Shristi fur such an awesome talk.

The video to her talk:

[[Will be updated soon]]


At 5:00 pm Question Answer session started. In this session the floor asked questions.
Some questions and answers that came up are:

Q: Is Open source benefit or a problem?
Ans: The problem is lack of new trend. Increment in the num of users and decrement in the number of contributor may lead to the problem. Rest Open source is beneficial to all.

Q: What have you realized from the meetup today as a community??
Ans: Lack of publicity students don’t know about the community.
Solution to this may be College tour.
Awareness program among users and non users may be fruitful.

Q: Why are people not using Firefox OS in mobile?
Ans: It is in it’s early stage.
Ans: This is the incubation Period of Firefox OS. So it needs time to be popular among users.
Ans: Less price of the phones is attractive and ease and comfort of the phone will make it popular in future.

Q: How to bring localization and release side by side:
Ans: It always goes side by side:
At present we do localization of stuffs that will be released after two versions.

Q: What is the reason behind the lack of Media coverage in our program?
Ans: We let media cover it if they want to cover. But we don’t call media by personal basis.

Question for coders:
How to overcome negative motives in open source like coding of key-stroke?
Ans: Mozilla finalizes and blocks the untrusted or suspicious codes. So there is less chance of being victimized.

After solving the confusions the program wrapped up with the commitment to support open source and Mozilla with full grace.
The decisions and conclusion of this meetup has still to come because of lack in time for analyzing SWOT responses + it already was getting dark outside. So we headed to the dining hall where a great dinner was awaiting us.

Thanks to the Mozilla Nepal team for organizing such an wonderful event.

The snaps from the event can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mozillanp/sets/72157637548400993/

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